Back to the basics this week! My goal with this blog is to not only share helpful tools and content that will help you expand your business, but also to give you tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Infusionsoft. That’s why, on occasion, I will cover a very basic action or setting within Infusionsoft. Marketing is all about the foundations you build and if you have a gap or pocket in your foundation it will not be as strong as it could be otherwise. So with that in mind lets get on to the post itself.

This week’s video covers fields in a contact search. Have you imported a list and clicked the link to view it? Chances are that you have, and chances are also good that you have seen the default search fields that come up. ID, First name, Company, and State. Not exactly the most helpful information. Well, this video is going to teach you how to adjust those fields on a blank search or even one that you have already pulled.