I read this quote while scanning through looking for something else and I felt it was particularly appropriate given the current business and political climate.  Regardless of your particular feelings over the past 18-months, we all know that we are in for quite a bit of change in the next few years, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does need to be prepared for.

Change is inevitable.  As business owners, we all like to know the changes that are on the horizon so we can plan for them, but this is not always possible.  Making plans during times of great change may seem like a fruitless endeavor, but it’s actually more critical at those times.  Making plans forces us to look back at where we’ve been and evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  Failure to do this important review is what dooms businesses to failure when unexpected changes arise.

In the face of turmoil, many business owners stick to what they know and to what they’ve done in the past, so when circumstances change, that’s ALL they have to fall back on.  Forward thinking business owners, go through a regular process of evaluation, so they are able to make changes to processes that are no longer working, strengthen ones that are, and look at business goals with a new eye toward the future.

What changes are on the horizon that you need to prepare for in YOUR business?  Are there regulatory uncertainties that must be dealt with?  What about financial interests?  Will technological changes make it necessary for you to change your workforce?  Are your customers entering a period of boom or bust that needs to be evaluated?  These are some of the important questions that must be answered to make wise decisions in the coming months.

Get into the habit of looking back on a regular basis to see where your business has been, then look to where you want to go and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  The best time to change course was yesterday; the next best time is today, so make it happen.

I’d like to send you a free Strategic Planning Guide for 2017.  Simply click here and fill out the simple form.  This guide will walk you through looking back on 2016 and help you plan for 2017 and beyond, always with an eye toward meeting your goals.

I hope this year is massively successful for you and that you’re able to meet any challenges you face with enthusiasm and optimism.