Infusionsoft has a secret.

They’ve kept this locked up for years and now I am revealing it to you! They haven’t been telling you everything about merge fields. Well… one of them at least.

Most people don’t actually know this field exists, but hidden in the merge fields menu is a section called “Date”. This section allows you to add a merge field for the Current Date, Day of the week, Day of the month, The month, Month/Year, and Year. These can be useful but the uses are a little limited. You could only use one of these fields to confirm the current date but there is no way to set a merge field to tell your customers the date 30 days from now to confirm a refund period.

That’s the secret.  There IS a way.

Infusionsoft has compiled a collection of merge fields that will allow you to manipulate the date format, Include the time zone, even move the date and time forward or backward. These codes are very specific and there are different codes for each action that you would like to perform. For this reason, they cannot easily be included in the standard merge field menu inside the Infusionsoft application. Instead, they are kept on a spreadsheet and must be either typed in or copy and pasted into the email that you are using it in.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, I’m going to use one of our own problems as an example. We record and share our Consultation calls with our clients to be used for review and education. This takes up a good chunk of our storage space as we typically have 5-6 calls with our clients that last an hour or more. When we complete our calls we send an email letting them know that we will be taking down the recordings in 60 days. Until now we’ve only been able to tell them when the 60 days starts. With the new merge fields, I can tell my clients exactly when to have their videos downloaded by with no issues or confusion.

These merge fields can be utilized to send reminders and include the date of the meeting or event without having to use manual timers or copy that needs to be reset every other day. You can now, with absolute clarity, communicate the date and time, regardless of region or local format. Now, this is still a narrow spectrum of functionality, but it does open doors to more automation for campaigns.

This means less turnover and more lead-gathering.

More product development.

More customer reach-out.

More of whatever it is you love to do with your company.

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