Landing pages are an essential of any company’s marketing. It’s your first impression, an opening statement, and you only get one shot at doing it right. In Infusionsoft up until now, you’ve had 2 choices for creating a landing page: use the landing page goal in the Campaign Builder or build the page on your site and integrate the form into the campaign.

The current landing page builder isn’t bad or hard to use but it is limited, you can only create within the areas provided and you cannot add new areas or divide them up to make the form more robust or intricate. That’s why Infusionsoft has created a new landing page builder that is more layered and detailed than any of their previous builders. Now, it is a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of navigating the builder, you’re going to have some fun building.

To use the builder, drag out a Landing Page Goal from the left-hand toolbar and drop it where it is needed in your campaign. Double click on the goal to open it up and you can choose your starting point. Infusionsoft has created a set of templates that cover a wide range of businesses and industries. I would recommend choosing a pre-built form and adapting it to your needs for the first few forms you build. I will be using a blank template for our example (the “Start from scratch” template).

The first step in understanding anything is to take it apart and learn what each component does. This builder is completely modular. Each section of the form is part of a “Block”. “Blocks” can be created by clicking this icon. Blocks cannot be moved after they are placed so be careful with the order you create everything.


Once you have a Block created you can then format it. This includes setting a background color, spacing, adding rows for content, but my favorite feature is Background images. This has been a long sought-after tool for Infusionsoft’s form and emails builders, and its finally here! You can choose to upload your own images or choose from a wide selection of stock images provided for you. It is worth noting here that the landing page builder does not pull from the same image gallery as the rest of Infusionsoft. All images you want to use, need to be uploaded every time you want to use them.

Once your Block is formatted you need to add a Row. Rows allow you to add content in the form. Text, form fields, buttons, images, videos, even Columns can be added to Rows. With the exception of Columns, none of those items should be new to anyone familiar with any of Infusionsoft’s builders, so let us focus on Columns for a second.

Columns are a way of breaking up the rows into more usable space, You can add up to 4 columns abreast of each other and each column can be formatted with a different background color. You can also add any of the other content items to the columns, this allows you to create nuanced forms without any need to code or purchase a new software.

The major difference between this Landing Page Builder and previous ones is that the Webform is optional. You still have full control of where the form goes and which fields are present, however not all fields are available currently. By the time the builder is released all fields should be present as well as custom fields.

The text element is also different from previous iterations on Infusionsoft. This text editor is similar to blog sites. You can choose the text format from a list of preformatted options.  There is no font or color selection yet, but I have been assured by Infusionsoft this will be added before the full release.

At the time I am writing this article, the builder has not yet been released to the public. This means that changes are still being made as we get closer to release and new features may be added. I will be creating a video soon reviewing and demonstrating the steps and techniques needed to use this builder.