A few weeks ago I released a video Breaking Down Lead Scoring. For those that did not see it, here is a quick recap: The Lead-Scoring tool allows you to set up rules and actions that, when run, will add a point value to the contact record. This is then tabulated into a point sum and displayed as Flames on the contact records. Each flame represents 1/5th of the total point value that you set when you configure your Lead-Scoring.

Today we are going to go a little more in depth with the Lead Scoring tool and create a campaign and rule set that you could possibly use the Lead Scoring tool for. First, we need to identify the need that we are building the Lead Scoring program for. In this case I am using the example of a contact intake and Nurture campaign.

LSIA Overview

Once the contact has signed up from my website and is in the system I want to divide the contacts into 3 buckets, Strong Leads, Moderate Leads, and Weak leads. This will be done by setting up 3 separate nurture sequences with increasing levels of marketing. The idea of this is that we would have about 10 -15 emails in each sequence with a call-to-action on all emails. When a contact clicks a link in an email they will receive 2 points into their Lead Scoring total, we are working with a 25 point total. When the contact hits 10 points or 2 flames, they are automatically moved from the Weak Lead Sequence into the Moderate Lead Sequence.

LSIA 2 flames

From here they will receive more aggressive marketing designed to sell higher dollar products than what you would offer an entry level lead. Again in this sequence, there would be calls to action and 2 points given each time a link is clicked. From here once the lead hits 20 points or 4 flames, the lead would move to the Strong Lead Nurture sequence and receive your highest level marketing.

LSIA 4 Flames

Throughout this whole process, if the customer purchases while in any of these sequences, they are automatically moved out of the nurture program and can be moved into a post-purchase marketing funnel.

LSIA Overview

There are modifications that can be made to this funnel to customize it to your business. If you are interested in something like, another aspect of Lead Scoring, or even just help with a campaign. Please give us a call at 1-512-353-5037 Ext 239 or fill out our contact form.