Happy March everyone! We are already 3 months into 2017 and time isn’t the only one moving quickly. Infusionsoft has a few new updates for us and a HUGE announcement regarding a new integration.

First let’s go over the updates for March.

The biggest change was made to the Campaign builder. You can now Unpublish a campaign without deleting it. The feature is a change on the “Delete and Unpublish” action that was in the Campaign search area. Now there is only a “Delete” Option in the search actions and “Unpublish” is now stored within the Campaign under the “Actions” menu on the right. This is a change that many of us (Users and Certified Partners alike) have been asking about for a while now and we are happy to see that it has been implemented.

The next change was made to the Infusionsoft Mobile application for iPhones and Androids. Now instead of having 2 apps, Infusionsoft Mobile and Infusionsoft Snap, there is only one. The Snap applications features have been added to the main mobile application.

Our last update is also with Infusionsoft Mobile, all orders can be paid for using the Mobile app with the card reader. Up until this point, you could only create orders and bill them from the Mobile App. Now, all orders, Including failed, past-due, and even Subscriptions, can be paid using the card reader.

That’s all of the major updates for this month, but (like I mentioned earlier) there is a new integration coming.

Infusionsoft has just announced that they will be working with Big Commerce to develop an integration with the Infusionsoft CRM and eCommerce Platforms. For those of you that are not aware, Big Commerce is a third-party eCommerce Platform. This program allows you to create and customize your eCommerce site the same way you would make build or make changes to a Wix or WordPress site. The storefront itself will be hosted by Big Commerce but you do have the ability to use your own custom domain name so that your customers are unaware that they have even left your site.

Big Commerce also has built in integrations with Google Analytics, PayPal One Touch, Amazon, eBay, and Apple Pay. This combined with the SEO tools and expanded merchant account selection, will allow you to reach out to more customers on more platforms AND offer more payment types, regardless of the currency or country the Customer is from. All of these tools add up to more sales and a higher search engine ranking.

Along with not having restrictions on the currencies accepted, Big Commerce also offers integrations with Shipper HQ and a sophisticated Tax calculator so that your orders are billed correctly and get where they need to go.

Now, as with every system, Big Commerce is not perfect. As of right now, your products and credit card data will not be synced between Infusionsoft and Big Commerce. All billing data is stored within Big Commerce’s servers and products from Infusionsoft will need to be imported in. These issues, however, may be solved with the integration that is being developed, more information will be needed to make a final judgement.

This is a big addition to the Infusionsoft network and does leave some questions to be answered regarding the future of Infusionsoft’s native eCommerce platform. Well, rest assured, we have spoken to Infusionsoft representatives and have confirmed that this integration will in no way replace the existing eCommerce platform, nor will it slow down the development or repair of an issue within the existing funnel.