Infusionsoft Secret Merge Fields

Infusionsoft has a secret.

They’ve kept this locked up for years and now I am revealing it to you! They haven’t been telling you everything about merge fields. Well… one of them at least.

Most people don’t actually know this field exists, but hidden in the merge fields menu is a section called “Date”. This section allows you to add a merge field for the Current Date, Day of the week, Day of the month, The month, Month/Year, and Year. These can be useful but the uses are a little limited. You could only use one of these fields to confirm the current date but there is no way to set a merge field to tell your customers the date 30 days from now to confirm a refund period.

That’s the secret.  There IS a way.

Infusionsoft has compiled a collection of merge fields that will allow you to manipulate the date format, Include the time zone, even move the date and time forward or backward. These codes are very specific and there are different codes for each action that you would like to perform. For this reason, they cannot easily be included in the standard merge field menu inside the Infusionsoft application. Instead, they are kept on a spreadsheet and must be either typed in or copy and pasted into the email that you are using it in.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, I’m going to use one of our own problems as an example. We record and share our Consultation calls with our clients to be used for review and education. This takes up a good chunk of our storage space as we typically have 5-6 calls with our clients that last an hour or more. When we complete our calls we send an email letting them know that we will be taking down the recordings in 60 days. Until now we’ve only been able to tell them when the 60 days starts. With the new merge fields, I can tell my clients exactly when to have their videos downloaded by with no issues or confusion.

These merge fields can be utilized to send reminders and include the date of the meeting or event without having to use manual timers or copy that needs to be reset every other day. You can now, with absolute clarity, communicate the date and time, regardless of region or local format. Now, this is still a narrow spectrum of functionality, but it does open doors to more automation for campaigns.

This means less turnover and more lead-gathering.

More product development.

More customer reach-out.

More of whatever it is you love to do with your company.

Those of you that have been sent here from our Blog Post emails already have the Secret Infusionsoft Merge fields. If you found this article on your own or this is your first time here, Welcome! Click the link below and opt-in to our Blog Post email series and I’ll send you the Spreadsheet too!

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Adding/Removing Fields on a Contact Search

Back to the basics this week! My goal with this blog is to not only share helpful tools and content that will help you expand your business, but also to give you tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Infusionsoft. That’s why, on occasion, I will cover a very basic action or setting within Infusionsoft. Marketing is all about the foundations you build and if you have a gap or pocket in your foundation it will not be as strong as it could be otherwise. So with that in mind lets get on to the post itself.

This week’s video covers fields in a contact search. Have you imported a list and clicked the link to view it? Chances are that you have, and chances are also good that you have seen the default search fields that come up. ID, First name, Company, and State. Not exactly the most helpful information. Well, this video is going to teach you how to adjust those fields on a blank search or even one that you have already pulled.

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Infusionsoft’s Soon to be Released Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are an essential of any company’s marketing. It’s your first impression, an opening statement, and you only get one shot at doing it right. In Infusionsoft up until now, you’ve had 2 choices for creating a landing page: use the landing page goal in the Campaign Builder or build the page on your site and integrate the form into the campaign.

The current landing page builder isn’t bad or hard to use but it is limited, you can only create within the areas provided and you cannot add new areas or divide them up to make the form more robust or intricate. That’s why Infusionsoft has created a new landing page builder that is more layered and detailed than any of their previous builders. Now, it is a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of navigating the builder, you’re going to have some fun building.

To use the builder, drag out a Landing Page Goal from the left-hand toolbar and drop it where it is needed in your campaign. Double click on the goal to open it up and you can choose your starting point. Infusionsoft has created a set of templates that cover a wide range of businesses and industries. I would recommend choosing a pre-built form and adapting it to your needs for the first few forms you build. I will be using a blank template for our example (the “Start from scratch” template).

The first step in understanding anything is to take it apart and learn what each component does. This builder is completely modular. Each section of the form is part of a “Block”. “Blocks” can be created by clicking this icon. Blocks cannot be moved after they are placed so be careful with the order you create everything.


Once you have a Block created you can then format it. This includes setting a background color, spacing, adding rows for content, but my favorite feature is Background images. This has been a long sought-after tool for Infusionsoft’s form and emails builders, and its finally here! You can choose to upload your own images or choose from a wide selection of stock images provided for you. It is worth noting here that the landing page builder does not pull from the same image gallery as the rest of Infusionsoft. All images you want to use, need to be uploaded every time you want to use them.

Once your Block is formatted you need to add a Row. Rows allow you to add content in the form. Text, form fields, buttons, images, videos, even Columns can be added to Rows. With the exception of Columns, none of those items should be new to anyone familiar with any of Infusionsoft’s builders, so let us focus on Columns for a second.

Columns are a way of breaking up the rows into more usable space, You can add up to 4 columns abreast of each other and each column can be formatted with a different background color. You can also add any of the other content items to the columns, this allows you to create nuanced forms without any need to code or purchase a new software.

The major difference between this Landing Page Builder and previous ones is that the Webform is optional. You still have full control of where the form goes and which fields are present, however not all fields are available currently. By the time the builder is released all fields should be present as well as custom fields.

The text element is also different from previous iterations on Infusionsoft. This text editor is similar to blog sites. You can choose the text format from a list of preformatted options.  There is no font or color selection yet, but I have been assured by Infusionsoft this will be added before the full release.

At the time I am writing this article, the builder has not yet been released to the public. This means that changes are still being made as we get closer to release and new features may be added. I will be creating a video soon reviewing and demonstrating the steps and techniques needed to use this builder.

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March Updates and Announcements

Happy March everyone! We are already 3 months into 2017 and time isn’t the only one moving quickly. Infusionsoft has a few new updates for us and a HUGE announcement regarding a new integration.

First let’s go over the updates for March.

The biggest change was made to the Campaign builder. You can now Unpublish a campaign without deleting it. The feature is a change on the “Delete and Unpublish” action that was in the Campaign search area. Now there is only a “Delete” Option in the search actions and “Unpublish” is now stored within the Campaign under the “Actions” menu on the right. This is a change that many of us (Users and Certified Partners alike) have been asking about for a while now and we are happy to see that it has been implemented.

The next change was made to the Infusionsoft Mobile application for iPhones and Androids. Now instead of having 2 apps, Infusionsoft Mobile and Infusionsoft Snap, there is only one. The Snap applications features have been added to the main mobile application.

Our last update is also with Infusionsoft Mobile, all orders can be paid for using the Mobile app with the card reader. Up until this point, you could only create orders and bill them from the Mobile App. Now, all orders, Including failed, past-due, and even Subscriptions, can be paid using the card reader.

That’s all of the major updates for this month, but (like I mentioned earlier) there is a new integration coming.

Infusionsoft has just announced that they will be working with Big Commerce to develop an integration with the Infusionsoft CRM and eCommerce Platforms. For those of you that are not aware, Big Commerce is a third-party eCommerce Platform. This program allows you to create and customize your eCommerce site the same way you would make build or make changes to a Wix or WordPress site. The storefront itself will be hosted by Big Commerce but you do have the ability to use your own custom domain name so that your customers are unaware that they have even left your site.

Big Commerce also has built in integrations with Google Analytics, PayPal One Touch, Amazon, eBay, and Apple Pay. This combined with the SEO tools and expanded merchant account selection, will allow you to reach out to more customers on more platforms AND offer more payment types, regardless of the currency or country the Customer is from. All of these tools add up to more sales and a higher search engine ranking.

Along with not having restrictions on the currencies accepted, Big Commerce also offers integrations with Shipper HQ and a sophisticated Tax calculator so that your orders are billed correctly and get where they need to go.

Now, as with every system, Big Commerce is not perfect. As of right now, your products and credit card data will not be synced between Infusionsoft and Big Commerce. All billing data is stored within Big Commerce’s servers and products from Infusionsoft will need to be imported in. These issues, however, may be solved with the integration that is being developed, more information will be needed to make a final judgement.

This is a big addition to the Infusionsoft network and does leave some questions to be answered regarding the future of Infusionsoft’s native eCommerce platform. Well, rest assured, we have spoken to Infusionsoft representatives and have confirmed that this integration will in no way replace the existing eCommerce platform, nor will it slow down the development or repair of an issue within the existing funnel.

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Lead Scoring in Action

A few weeks ago I released a video Breaking Down Lead Scoring. For those that did not see it, here is a quick recap: The Lead-Scoring tool allows you to set up rules and actions that, when run, will add a point value to the contact record. This is then tabulated into a point sum and displayed as Flames on the contact records. Each flame represents 1/5th of the total point value that you set when you configure your Lead-Scoring.

Today we are going to go a little more in depth with the Lead Scoring tool and create a campaign and rule set that you could possibly use the Lead Scoring tool for. First, we need to identify the need that we are building the Lead Scoring program for. In this case I am using the example of a contact intake and Nurture campaign.

LSIA Overview

Once the contact has signed up from my website and is in the system I want to divide the contacts into 3 buckets, Strong Leads, Moderate Leads, and Weak leads. This will be done by setting up 3 separate nurture sequences with increasing levels of marketing. The idea of this is that we would have about 10 -15 emails in each sequence with a call-to-action on all emails. When a contact clicks a link in an email they will receive 2 points into their Lead Scoring total, we are working with a 25 point total. When the contact hits 10 points or 2 flames, they are automatically moved from the Weak Lead Sequence into the Moderate Lead Sequence.

LSIA 2 flames

From here they will receive more aggressive marketing designed to sell higher dollar products than what you would offer an entry level lead. Again in this sequence, there would be calls to action and 2 points given each time a link is clicked. From here once the lead hits 20 points or 4 flames, the lead would move to the Strong Lead Nurture sequence and receive your highest level marketing.

LSIA 4 Flames

Throughout this whole process, if the customer purchases while in any of these sequences, they are automatically moved out of the nurture program and can be moved into a post-purchase marketing funnel.

LSIA Overview

There are modifications that can be made to this funnel to customize it to your business. If you are interested in something like, another aspect of Lead Scoring, or even just help with a campaign. Please give us a call at 1-512-353-5037 Ext 239 or fill out our contact form.

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Import Checklist

Moving your contacts into Infusionsoft from other systems is important to your integration. More important than moving the contacts though is moving the RIGHT contacts. This week we are going to introduce a checklist that will assist everyone in moving contacts into Infusionsoft and sending out marketing without a drop in service.

1. Preparing Your List For Import- Informing your contacts that your processes or delivery methods are changing is a great first step for preparing your import. This will alert your list to changes in email address or layout and will help in preventing unnecessary opt-outs or SPAM complaints. This email should be sent from your old system, preferably 1-2 months before moving to Infusionsoft.  Ideally, you should also include a link to an Opt-in form on Infusionsoft. By including the opt-in form on this email you give your contacts a chance to opt themselves in and can even funnel that into an email Confirmation to Double Opt-in the contacts. This method also identifies your most engaged contacts – those who are actively reading and consuming your content.  A free gift for opting in early could go a long way to maintaining this critical relationship.

2. Cleaning Your List For Import- This is perhaps one of the most vitally important steps you can take before importing your list. In this step you need to use your old system to remove Unsubscribed and Bounced contacts. Removing these contact before import will reduce the number of contacts that you are using in Infusionsoft but it will also prevent you from emailing contacts that have already indicated that they do not wish to receive your emails. Emailing Unsubscribed contacts is not just a bad idea but is also illegal (See CAN/SPAM Act). By emailing those contacts, you are opening yourself up to SPAM complaints which can stop or slow email communications through Broadcasts.

3. Importing Your List- When you have notified your list of the move and removed your Non-Marketable Contacts, you are ready for import. In order to Import contacts to Infusionsoft the list MUST be on a .CSV document. This can easily be created from any spreadsheet by using Microsoft Excel (The Save As feature and changing the file type) or Google Sheets (Download as: CSV). On the spreadsheet you will need to be sure that all columns are labeled, that each contact has an email address, and that all fields are formatted correctly.

4. Running the Import- To import the list you will need to go to Import Data under Admin in Infusionsoft. From there you need to select the type of record you are importing, in this case Contacts. Then you will upload the .CSV file containing your list. After that there will be a short Field Matching step that will allow you to map the columns on your import to fields in Infusionsoft. The last stage of the import is arguably the most important, Preparing for Email Marketing. This stage asks you to document and submit where the contacts were added from, how you have been sending to them, the frequency of your emails, and a few other questions. This step is required if you want your contacts to be marketable and all questions must be answered. The data is used by Infusionsoft’s Email Compliance Team to confirm that contacts are being added appropriately and to determine if any SPAM complaints generated are due to malicious emails. (See Import Guide)

5. Cleaning Up After An Import- The last step in making sure your contacts are imported correctly is identifying any duplicates that may have been imported. This is recommended after every major import and as a custodial task once every 1-2 weeks. To run the De-Dupe you will need to go to Data Cleanup under Admin. From there you want to select “Check For Duplicate Contacts”. In this step you will want to “Check All Records” and make sure that all 3 stages run for this. Once you have triggered this to run, the system will check all of the records, depending on the size of your list this may take some time. After the check is completed you will be given the option to look at the records the system considers to be duplicates. You have the ability to manually merge the records from here and I recommend doing that at least once so you can see what information is getting replaced when you run this. For the majority of the duplicates though, I would run one of the 2 automated merging actions: Merge Duplicate Contact Records By Overwriting Old Data With New Data -OR- Merge Duplicate Contact Records By Only Adding New Data, Not Overwriting Old Data (See Duplicate Merging).

6. Preparing your Email- This step has nothing to do with your list or Imports but is just as important. This step is about giving Infusionsoft permission to email on your behalf. All email addresses are hosted on a server somewhere. When you send an email out from Infusionsoft, you are not using that server to send the email, you are using Infusionsoft’s servers. To email providers this can look suspicious and can affect your deliverability rate. To prevent this you need to give Infusionsoft permission to use your email address to send. This can be done by:

Now many of these steps may seem extraneous or time-consuming but, in the long run, these steps are imperative to your marketing future with Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is a community in more ways than you think. All of Infusionsoft’s email servers are shared among Infusionsoft’s customers. This is why it pays to be a good neighbor in the Infusionsoft Community. If a few users stop caring about SPAM complaints or don’t do their part to prevent SPAM complaints, it could affect Infusionsoft’s reputation as an email sender and emails will not be delivered reliably. However, if everyone does their part and actively cleans their lists, there will be no issues at all and the community flourishes.

To receive a PDF copy of this Checklist, Opt-in to our list and we will email that to you right away.


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Breaking Down Lead-Scoring

Being able to keep track of your clients disposition and engagement is important. Having a reliable and easy to read method to do this is doubly important. This video was requested by one of our readers who asked if we could help clarify the Lead-Scoring tool in Infusionsoft.

The Lead-Scoring tool allows you to set up rules and actions that, when run, will add a point value to the contact record. This is then tabulated into a point sum and displayed as Flames on the contact records. Each flame represents 1/5th of the total point value that you set when you configure your Lead-Scoring.

Watch this weeks video to learn more and get an in-depth look at Lead-Scoring

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Understanding Infusionsoft’s December Release

Happy New Year!! It is now 2017 and that means that we now have a whole year ahead of us to continue to expand and improve our Businesses!

To start the year off right I am going to go through some of Infusionsoft’s newer features introduced in the December update and how they can factor into your marketing. We are going to go over:

  1. Web Page Automation Goal
  2. Payable Invoices
  3. Contact Search Results “Unchecked”
  4. Campaign Categories
  5. Multi-Tabbing

web_page_automation_goalThe Web Page Automation Goal is a new addition to the campaign builder that allows you to trigger actions on your contacts when they hit a page on your site or a site that you have control over. By adding a tracking code to a page, Infusionsoft can monitor the contacts that visit that page, and if the contact has already opted into your Infusionsoft application, run actions on them within the campaign builder. The applications for this new tool are endless, but just a few that come to mind are:

  1. The ability to send out specific sales information to a contact that visited a page regarding a product.
  2. Tracking progress through a membership site to provide customers the option to review information at their own pace.web_page_automation_goal_internals
  3. The ability to confirm that a contact view terms and conditions after a purchase.

Now these are just a few uses for the Web Page Automation Goal and it is worth restating that this will ONLY work for contacts that have signed up to your application through a web-page or an Order form. This WILL NOT work for contacts that have only been imported.

payable_invoicesPayable Invoices do not replace the Legacy Invoice templates but they do provide a Mobile-Responsive alternative with a few new features available. To access the new invoices, go to Quotes & Invoices under E-Commerce Settings and set “Enable payment collection on Invoices” to Yes and Save. This will unlock the new Invoice template and allow your customers to pay when they receive an Invoice with a balance. As of right now this only works with Merchant Accounts and Infusionsoft Payments and I have not seen that it will be available for PayPal any time soon.

contact_search_resultsContact Search Results “Unchecked” is a change that has been made to an existing feature within the application. Previously, when any search was run the results would be automatically checked off on the left hand side of the search. This “Selected” the contacts for any actions that were being run on the search results (I.E. Exports, Deleting Contacts, Sending a Broadcast, Etc). This caused some issues for customers that were unaware of what the checkboxes meant and actions were run on contacts inadvertently. Now, by having the contacts “Unselected” actions will not run unless you “Select All” by checking the top most box on the left hand side, or by individually selecting the contacts that you would like to see the actions run on.

campaign_categoriesCampaign Categories are a new way to organize your Campaigns. This tool gives you the ability to create your own set of categories and sort your campaign list based off of those. This means that you can create a category entitled “Essential” or “Do Not Touch, Gerry!” The Categories cannot be marked as private, so everyone can still view and edit campaigns they would normally have the permission to, but it is still a new feature and we could see an update to reflect this.

Multi-Tabbing has been the biggest No-No with Infusionsoft since I started using it in 2007. The issue is that if you had 2 tabs open to the same type of file (I.E. 2 Contacts, 2 Orders, Etc.) some of the data on the tabs could switch between the records. An order could move to a new contact record, an email address might change, or even change the name on an entire record. With this update however you can now open multiple contacts or orders in tabs and not worry about issues arising.

Those are the major updates for December and more will be released soon for January, at which point I will write another article to outline and explain the updates.

As usual, if you have any questions, please ask us on our Contact Page or if you would like to receive notifications when we post a new article please sign up for our Email List.

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Change Is Going To Happen Anyway…


I read this quote while scanning through looking for something else and I felt it was particularly appropriate given the current business and political climate.  Regardless of your particular feelings over the past 18-months, we all know that we are in for quite a bit of change in the next few years, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does need to be prepared for.

Change is inevitable.  As business owners, we all like to know the changes that are on the horizon so we can plan for them, but this is not always possible.  Making plans during times of great change may seem like a fruitless endeavor, but it’s actually more critical at those times.  Making plans forces us to look back at where we’ve been and evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  Failure to do this important review is what dooms businesses to failure when unexpected changes arise.

In the face of turmoil, many business owners stick to what they know and to what they’ve done in the past, so when circumstances change, that’s ALL they have to fall back on.  Forward thinking business owners, go through a regular process of evaluation, so they are able to make changes to processes that are no longer working, strengthen ones that are, and look at business goals with a new eye toward the future.

What changes are on the horizon that you need to prepare for in YOUR business?  Are there regulatory uncertainties that must be dealt with?  What about financial interests?  Will technological changes make it necessary for you to change your workforce?  Are your customers entering a period of boom or bust that needs to be evaluated?  These are some of the important questions that must be answered to make wise decisions in the coming months.

Get into the habit of looking back on a regular basis to see where your business has been, then look to where you want to go and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  The best time to change course was yesterday; the next best time is today, so make it happen.

I’d like to send you a free Strategic Planning Guide for 2017.  Simply click here and fill out the simple form.  This guide will walk you through looking back on 2016 and help you plan for 2017 and beyond, always with an eye toward meeting your goals.

I hope this year is massively successful for you and that you’re able to meet any challenges you face with enthusiasm and optimism.


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Webinar #20: Outsourcing Using Infusionsoft

The day-to-day operations for most businesses can get in the way of forward progress if not managed effectively. Often, the only way to fix that is to hire more people to do that work for you. This can be a huge chunk of your budget, but does it have to be?

The simple solution is Outsourcing. For those of you who have never heard of this, Outsourcing is when you hire a third-party company to do the work for you.  Outsourcing provides you the opportunity to hire an entire team of people that only bill you when work is being done. This can be a cheaper and more effective alternative to hiring a full time staff member.

Infusionsoft is a perfect program to assist with this. Using Infusionsoft you can provide billing or customer service access while still protecting your vital assets. User Permissions, Inbound call forms, and Order Forms are just a few of the ways that Infusionsoft helps you to keep under budget and free from the daunting day-today operations of your business.


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