Happy New Year!! It is now 2017 and that means that we now have a whole year ahead of us to continue to expand and improve our Businesses!

To start the year off right I am going to go through some of Infusionsoft’s newer features introduced in the December update and how they can factor into your marketing. We are going to go over:

  1. Web Page Automation Goal
  2. Payable Invoices
  3. Contact Search Results “Unchecked”
  4. Campaign Categories
  5. Multi-Tabbing

web_page_automation_goalThe Web Page Automation Goal is a new addition to the campaign builder that allows you to trigger actions on your contacts when they hit a page on your site or a site that you have control over. By adding a tracking code to a page, Infusionsoft can monitor the contacts that visit that page, and if the contact has already opted into your Infusionsoft application, run actions on them within the campaign builder. The applications for this new tool are endless, but just a few that come to mind are:

  1. The ability to send out specific sales information to a contact that visited a page regarding a product.
  2. Tracking progress through a membership site to provide customers the option to review information at their own pace.web_page_automation_goal_internals
  3. The ability to confirm that a contact view terms and conditions after a purchase.

Now these are just a few uses for the Web Page Automation Goal and it is worth restating that this will ONLY work for contacts that have signed up to your application through a web-page or an Order form. This WILL NOT work for contacts that have only been imported.

payable_invoicesPayable Invoices do not replace the Legacy Invoice templates but they do provide a Mobile-Responsive alternative with a few new features available. To access the new invoices, go to Quotes & Invoices under E-Commerce Settings and set “Enable payment collection on Invoices” to Yes and Save. This will unlock the new Invoice template and allow your customers to pay when they receive an Invoice with a balance. As of right now this only works with Merchant Accounts and Infusionsoft Payments and I have not seen that it will be available for PayPal any time soon.

contact_search_resultsContact Search Results “Unchecked” is a change that has been made to an existing feature within the application. Previously, when any search was run the results would be automatically checked off on the left hand side of the search. This “Selected” the contacts for any actions that were being run on the search results (I.E. Exports, Deleting Contacts, Sending a Broadcast, Etc). This caused some issues for customers that were unaware of what the checkboxes meant and actions were run on contacts inadvertently. Now, by having the contacts “Unselected” actions will not run unless you “Select All” by checking the top most box on the left hand side, or by individually selecting the contacts that you would like to see the actions run on.

campaign_categoriesCampaign Categories are a new way to organize your Campaigns. This tool gives you the ability to create your own set of categories and sort your campaign list based off of those. This means that you can create a category entitled “Essential” or “Do Not Touch, Gerry!” The Categories cannot be marked as private, so everyone can still view and edit campaigns they would normally have the permission to, but it is still a new feature and we could see an update to reflect this.

Multi-Tabbing has been the biggest No-No with Infusionsoft since I started using it in 2007. The issue is that if you had 2 tabs open to the same type of file (I.E. 2 Contacts, 2 Orders, Etc.) some of the data on the tabs could switch between the records. An order could move to a new contact record, an email address might change, or even change the name on an entire record. With this update however you can now open multiple contacts or orders in tabs and not worry about issues arising.

Those are the major updates for December and more will be released soon for January, at which point I will write another article to outline and explain the updates.

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