Okay, this is on Deduping your app with Keap Classic. So taking duplicates out, merging them together. 

We’re going to start off on the homepage and click on here on the hamburger to get the tray. Going to go all the way over here to data cleanup. And from here, we’re going to check for duplicate contact records.

When we click on this, you can read through this information, but I just clicked through. And I always check all records, every time I do a DD, I have never done either one of the other ones, because I very seldom ever have anyone that is not marking dupes. So just check through there. This gives you the options of which fields you can check if I’m needing if it’s a big database, and I need to do a quick check. I will uncheck stage one and uncheck stage two and only check on stage three, which is email, and 90%.

That will that will get all of your dupes almost every time because you probably don’t have multiple contacts using the same email address that you want to keep separate. So and this doesn’t do the merging together. Anyway, this process only does the Dedupe itself, this is just identifying which ones are duplicates. All these other ones, it’s like in this one here, it’s looking for the first name, and the last name and the email first name and the last name and the company.

Keep in mind that “first name” doesn’t know that James and Jim are the same person. So if they’ve got two contact records, and one is listed as Jim and once listed as Jimmy, this method here will not identify them as a duplicate, because he recognizes them as two separate records. So that’s why I primarily use just the email.

When we hit next, it’s going to give you a dialog box. If you click OK. And it runs through the DD process. This is a test app that I have. So I have very few contacts. If you have a large database, it will take a while to run. You know, if you’ve got 30 or 40,000 contacts, it might only take five or 10 minutes. If you’ve got you know, four or 500,000, it could easily take several hours, I had a client one time that had 1.5 million it took all weekend, we would set it on Friday, and we come back on Sunday and do the do the merges.

But that’s the process it’s super easy. And then once it’s identified the duplicates, you can click on here to view the ones that are duplicates. So you can see these here, if you don’t have that page anymore, you can go back up here, go to the data cleanup again. And from there, you can view the duplicate contact records there and it will show you the same thing. So running the Dedupe doesn’t do anything except identifying. So once you identify the dupes though, you go back here to the data cleanup. And you’ll have two options for merging them. You can overwrite old data with new data or you can add data from the to contact records. The explanations here are pretty good. But for most of my clients, we’re just adding new data we’re not overriding. If you’re overriding, you run the risk that a new import you did on old data could replace good data with bad data. So this is usually the one I recommend but by all means go ahead and check on the on the descriptions and you can check with me before running that. Okay, I hope this was helpful.