Okay, this is on how to fix the Gmail sync issue if you are continually having it disconnect and getting that notice in your app.

So you’re going to click on the three lines over here next to keep and hover over to go over to users. You’re going to find your user record, and scroll down and click on mail accounts. This is where you’ll see that you’re connected.

To fix this issue, you’re going to click you’re going to have to disconnect and then reconnected. So go ahead and click the disconnect. When you get this dialog box, you do not have to erase the synced email. So don’t check that box. Just click Disable. And when you do, you’re a you might get this there was an error while reloading content, that’s okay, just hit refresh. Scroll down and click on mail accounts again.

This time, you’re going to click and say remove app, we want you to disconnect and remove the whole thing. And again, you might get that there was an error while loading content, just refresh. And when you go back now you will have the option to sync the email account against just go ahead and sync it back to Gmail do the same authorization you did the first time and what that does is it refreshes the the settings it makes sure that you’re using the most current method that they’re using to connect the two and reconnect it and you can see from this video that that only took a minute or two and that should take care of the the connection reconnection issues, it’s just totally wiped the whole thing out but leave the emails that are synced in there. And then we establish it.

If that doesn’t do the trick, my recommendation will be to call support and let them know you did do these steps and then they can troubleshoot for further from there. The support number is 866-800-0004.

Hope this information was helpful and have a great day.