Okay, this is going to demonstrate how to complete a task within keep, and have different actions based on how that task was completed. I’m going to assume for the purposes of this, that the task is to reach a new weight. And typically, there’s three general responses when you call a new lead. Either you leave a message, you reach them, and they’re interested in whatever you have to offer, or they’re not interested.

So those are the three that I’ve already set up. Within the task itself, you can see that we have these task outcome options, they are listed here. And you can create a new one just simply by typing and then clicking on Add, and it will create that as an option. Once that’s created, and published, you can pull out a new task goal, within the task goal, it will say, okay, which tasks you want this to apply to, and which outcome is this going to apply to.

And everybody with that outcome will be put into this sequence, I do tend to recommend that you use consistent naming. So if your task outcome is named reached or not interested, your goal should be called reached and not interested. And the follow up sequence should have something along the lines of reach, not interested as well, just to keep things consistent. Once all this is set up and published, then you just have to fire off the campaign for the contact in this particular instance, I have it with a tag applied, but it could be a form filled out, it could be a purchase, it could be whatever you want it, I have added this tag to Ruby Gage, she’s my daughter in law. And you can see newly tasks is the tag that I am using to fire off this campaign. So when I go over here to tasks, we can see that this task was created, you can click on it to open up the task and add any call notes.

You can save it, you cannot complete it here and get the task outcomes though, if you just mark it as complete, it’ll just be done and they won’t get into those follow ups. So after adding your notes, hit save. And then you go back here and hit the check box. This is where you get the task outcomes. So in this case, I’m going to pretend that she was interested, we hit Save. And I have all of these adding a tag as soon as the task is completed. So we go back over to Ruby. We should see in her tasks. And her tags. There we go task completed reached interested. That’s the tag that I had that particular sequence adding if I’d had a an email to go out with more information on the product I was selling or setting a task with the sales rep to follow up in a week or looking for a webinar.

There’s a whole bunch of things you could have done in that scenario. But this fired as it was intended to do. So just remember when you’re completing your tasks with a scenario that you have to do it from the checkbox. You can’t do it from within the task itself. I hope that was helpful. Thank you