Okay, importing contacts in Keap Pro. First, you’re going to want to go to contacts, and click Import contacts. And you have a lot of variety on ways that you can import them. But for this purposes, I’m going to assume that you have this in a CSV or an Excel file, we’re going to click on that, you’re gonna go here and find that file on your computer and select it and click Open. And it’s going to automatically look for the first and last name and the email and you don’t have to map those, it will automatically take care of that for you. And then the rest of the fields in your spreadsheet, it’s going to tell you that you need to tell it what to do with them.

So for this purpose, I’m not going to be mapping some of these. So I’m going to put do not import. Because these are from a different, different application that I use. But for these guys, I definitely want to tag them. So refer select an option, I’m going to put create tags from field values. With this option. If the tag name that I have in my spreadsheet is identical to the tag name and keep, it will not create a new tag, it will add that contact to the tag that already exists. If the tag name is different in the spreadsheet, or if the tag name doesn’t exist at all, it will create a new one for you. So now that I’ve got this all mapped, I click Next. And it’s going to ask me because we have an email address on there, are they expecting email, if you’re ever going to send messages to them, and they have given you permission to send messages to them, go ahead and click yes, if you’re not sure, click no.

From here, you can do other items with them. You can apply tags, you can you know, but we’re already applying tags. But you can find other tags on your spreadsheet here on your list of tags, we’re going to finish the import. And now we’ve got these contexts This is everybody. And this guy here was not in keep already, when I just did these import Betty White TJ Walker and Tom tunnel were already there. But Jon Bon Jovi was new. And you can see that he was added. And we created a new tag for him as well. This new Advil de Betty White was already in here. And she already had the new Advil a and it did not create a new tag for and you can see that each of these guys now has this new tag with the date. And this is super useful if you forget to tag people or if you need to pull up everybody that was included in a specific tag. These are automatically created. You don’t have to do anything with them. I do recommend that once every four to six months or so you go through and delete all your old ones. They can kind of clutter things up. But then it’s just a safeguard so that you have a way of going back through any imports or updates that you did. And it can be really, really useful if you forget to tag people in the import. So I hope that was helpful.