I LOVE helping others succeed. I get to work with amazing business owners and learn what remarkable things they are accomplishing every day.

I believe that owning a business doesn’t have to mean giving up your family time and helps our clients learn this every day. Gone are the days of missing the ballet recital or baseball game because of work; we understand that you started your business to get away from the “9-to-5” life, but all too often we find that we bring it into our own business. We work with our clients to show you that you can take a different path.

I have been a Keap Certified Partner since 2007 and have a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration. I live on the Oregon coast with my husband of 30-years where we engage in “dirt therapy”, golf, travel, and hang out with our dogs. We have 4 boys.

If you are ready to dive into your business and work with me, give me a call and we’ll talk!!  You can reach me at 866-716-9216, x1.



My name is Ruby Gage. I work with Camille helping business owners succeed, and have for 5 years!

I started with Camille when she owned Shieff Services, working as a customer service representative. To support the needs of our clients, my role expanded to include Infusionsoft support, social media management and analytics, and general administration tasks. I’ve learned so much working with Camille and her clients and would love to continue to grow and see our clients prosper!

My husband (Thomas) and I have been married for 4 years. We enjoy spending time with our family, friends, and our adorable dog Coco.

If you are ready to dive into your business and work with me, give me a call and we’ll talk!! You can reach me at 866-716-9216, x5.