Okay, this is gonna be a short video to show you how to use the new email status tool that is included in context search. Now, I think this was a really good change. And I think it will overcome a lot of issues that some people were having.

If you’re like, most of my clients, you usually pull up your broadcasts based on people with tag or tags, plural that they have, or possibly even tags, if they don’t have, I have a test tag brought up. And this test broadcast list could represent whatever tag you’re using for your broadcast. And when we pull this list up, we can see that it’s got 239 contacts in it, we have no way of knowing from just looking at this list, though, if their email address is valid, if their email addresses opted in, if they even have an email address, you can see this top one doesn’t. So this new status search will take care of that for you.

So we’re going to go back and we’re going to start over and I’m going to show you this time, in the email status search, we’re going to select the top four options, these are the only statuses that are going to receive your email anyway, they’re also the only statuses that can receive email from your broadcast or from your campaign builder. All of these other statuses are just different ways of telling you, they’re not going to get your stuff. So they don’t have one of these four statuses, they will not get your email. And now we’re going to pull up that broadcast list. And instead of 239 contacts, there’s only 51.

And this is actually a good thing, because all of those people that this is now excluding wouldn’t have gotten my messages anyway. So that means that our reporting is going to be more accurate because the list that we’re sending to is actually the list that you received those emails. So it’s it’s going to be much better for you and that also means that your open percentage will be more accurate and your click through percentage will be more accurate just simply because the list you sent it to is more accurate. All of those numbers are dependent upon each other. And you can save this report so you don’t have to keep pulling in those and adding in your, your your broadcast list your tag.

So that is the best reason I can think of to use those statuses and I hope this information was helpful. Thank you!