Email Metrics You Need to Track 

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing ever to exist. Most companies report earning more than 38 dollars for every dollar spent on email marketing. If you don’t track your email metrics, you’ll never know for sure whether it’s paying off for you or not. 

These are the email metrics you need to follow in your business. 

  • Click-Through Rate – Use the tracking you have available within your email autoresponder software so that you not only know how many people clicked through but also which link in which email they clicked. 
  • Conversion Rate – Out of all the clicks, how many people purchased? It also helps to know the average dollars earned per email sent out.
  • Cost of Acquisition – Once you have the above information, you can figure out how much it cost you to acquire that sale from that customer. 
  • Growth Rate – How fast is your email list building? How many new subscribers do you end up with each time you run an email list-building campaign? 
  • Sharing Rate – When you send out an email to your list, among those who open it, how many share it with others? 
  • Open Rate – This is simple enough to track using your autoresponder tracking, and is just an indication of how many people opened it versus how many people you sent it to. You may have sent out three emails that had different subject lines but included the same information, and it will help to know which one was opened versus those that weren’t. 
  • Unsubscribe Rate – How many people unsubscribe on average during any period, including after each email sent? Is there a pattern regarding the subject matter that encourages more to unsubscribe? 
  • Repeat Opens Versus Unique Opens – Often, emails can be opened more than once by the same person, so it’s essential to differentiate between unique and repeat opens to get a clear idea about what percentage of your list opens your emails. 
  • Opening Time – How long after you send the email message do most of the opens happen? What times are they more likely to open the emails you send? Does it seem to matter what the topic is?
  • Deliverability – How many emails are bouncing, going to spam, or not being delivered? Is there an issue with your email capture system that you need to fix, or an incongruency between your subscribers and the information you are sending? 
  • ROI – What is your overall return on investment of your email marketing? This includes how much your service costs, the time and money spent generating the messages, and other expenses. 

 If you’re not sure how to do this, check out your dashboard for the type of email autoresponder that you use. The information is already in there for you to check right now. Set up a process so that you are equally collecting and monitoring these metrics so you can work toward improvement and a better return on investment.