Okay, so if you’re working in a Keap classic app, this is what I would recommend. Your view should look something like this, we’re going to go over to e commerce and reports. The report I recommend you pulling is the all sales report. This is not a Live app. So these are not real sales, these are old, but you’re going to take all the sales that show up in that report. And we’re going to go to Actions and apply tag. And hopefully, you already know how to add automation so that future orders will all get tagged, you don’t have that tag already. create it. And I actually put that do not delete on there, simply to keep people from accidentally deleting it. So that’s just what I would do. And it doesn’t matter where we’re at with this. And behavior. Like I said, this is a test apps, we’re going to create it. And we’re going to tag all these folks. Once they’re tagged, we can then create a safe search for anybody that doesn’t have that tag. And I’m going to show you that process now. And we’re going to go right back to that same report e commerce reports. And we’re going to go back down to the all sales report.

And this time, we’re gonna go up here to the Edit criteria columns. And we’re looking for people in this miscellaneous Criteria tab that do not have this tag, so does not have this tag. So when I pulled this, it should eliminate all of these folks. Because they all have the tag now. And now we’re going to go through and hit Save. And here, we can name this safe search so and I literally will name it something like that their buyer, they don’t have the buyer tag. If this was a client app, I might share this with everybody. But since this is just my test app, we’re going to just share it with me. And then as an extra safe, something that I can see all the time, I would actually go the extra step. And add this to my dashboard. Using one of these handy gizmos, if you don’t know about the custom Statistics widget, learn about it because these are like your best friend. And once you have a save report, you can pull it up here. And here’s our buyer, no buyer tag and watch this. When I hit save. There is my report with the number.

So when I come in every day, I can look at this. If that is a number, anything other than zero. I know I’ve got a buyer that needs to be tagged. And I’ll do this for a whole bunch of different reports. These will hold nine different reports in one widget and you can stick other widgets on there. I use these a ton. So I hope that was helpful for you. If it turns out you do have this in Mac’s or pro let me know and I can do another video for you on those. It’s not quite the same, but we can get the same end goal for you. Hope that’s helpful. Bye