Okay, this is a quick video on how to use Infusionsoft to host the files that you will get contacts within your landing pages. Landing pages can only link to other pages and to URLs. So if you want to have somebody download a file, you have to host that file somewhere else. And this is a workaround to show how Infusionsoft can host those files for you.

The first you’re going to navigate up here to the home, the home and go down to your files, the file is going to have to live here in your company files. Okay, it will have to be hosted there. Once you have it, and I’ve already done this one, if you go down here to the download, if you right click and copy link address, we want to save that, okay. And when you hover over here, if you look in the lower left corner of the app, you can also see that URL there, we’re then going to go to our campaign. And I have this one right here, my landing page. And this is just a super simple landing page that I set up just for the purposes of doing this demo. And we’re going to this is our download button right here. And I have already inserted that URL link right there.

And basically, when they click that download, it will it will download the file for you. And so here is this is my landing page link. Normally, I would not put this on the first page on my landing page, I would put it on the thank you page, I would have to fill out the form first. But for the purposes of this demo, like I said, I just did something really super quick. There’s my download button. And when I hit click it, it immediately puts that download right here like I would get if it was an Infusionsoft or a key email. I click on it, and it opens that file right in my browser. So I have that. So there’s your workaround, you’re going to add it to the my file and what the company files. Then you’re going to go to the download link for that you can right click copy link address and that will be the address you will put into the landing page for the file download URL. I hope this was helpful. And give me a holler if you have any questions.