If you have products and services that haven’t changed much over the years, it’s tempting to leave your copy as is. However, even if the demographics of your audience stays the same, often their ideas and values change slightly. An excellent way to notice this is to look at old magazine ads from 30 years ago for the same products compared to today. 


  • Look at Your Business Goals – You should have a list of goals for the copy you want to freshen up. Compare the goals you set to the data you’ve collected to note what goals you’re meeting and where you’re following short. Plus, you may want to reorganize your business goals if you’ve changed focus or learned more since you started.


  • Review Your Analytics – For every single goal you’ve met, and some you haven’t, there are numbers you can check out. For example, does the audience you thought you had match the demographic data displayed on your blog analytics? If so, excellent; if not, why not?


  • Ensure That You Match Your Style Guide – Every business should have a style guide for all the copy they create, from the words they want to use to the emotion behind it. If you envision your brand as being uplifting and energetic, are you using uplifting and energetic verbiage? 


  • Update Your Keywords – Do some keyword research, starting with the keywords you’ve ranked best for according to your analytics. Updating keywords to match the type of terms your audience uses today is imperative to get more traffic. 


  • Use Improved Graphics and Images – As technology improves, even a perfect website built five years ago can look outdated. While it’s tempting to leave well enough alone if you want to ensure your sales keep going up, always update the look of your graphics and images as the technology makes it possible. 


  • Edit Your Copy Again – Eliminate buzz words, jargon, and extraneous words that don’t add to the message. The more concise you can be in copy that is designed to convert, the more you’ll reinvigorate your sales. 


  • Optimize Your Headlines and Sub-Headlines – Test out new headlines and sub-headlines (remember; one thing at a time) to find out if something better will work to get more sales.


  • Add More Bullet Points – People like white space and tend to respond better to lists and bullet points. There are lots of things that can distract from understanding, such as the fact most people don’t read every word of your copy, but they do scan it and read the bullets. 
  • Improve Your Call to Action – Most of the time, your CTA can be improved by using more action-oriented language, enhancing the visuals of the CTA box, and reducing fear. 


  • Notice the Visuality of Your Copy – The sales page or other copy that lives on your website needs to look great visually, just like if you created a paper brochure. If it doesn’t look modern, like other sites, your audience will be turned off.


Reinvigorating sales with fresh copy for a perfectly good product or service is a no-brainer. If sales drop on any sales page or offer that you have that is still useful, don’t throw out the product. Instead, add fresh copy and a fresh new look and relaunch it.